What should be paid attention to to prevent O-ring from twisting and damage

1) The concentricity of the O-ring installation groove should be considered from two aspects: ease of processing and no distortion.

2) The size of the cross-section of the O-ring should be uniform, and lubricating oil or grease should be applied to the sealing part every time it is installed. Sometimes a felt ring type refueling device impregnated with lubricating oil can also be used.

3) Increase the cross-sectional diameter of the O-ring. The cross-sectional diameter of the O-ring for dynamic sealing should generally be larger than that for the static sealing. In addition, the O-ring should be avoided as a seal for large-diameter pistons.

4) When twisting damage occurs under low pressure, a sealing ring can be used to protect the retaining ring.

5) Reduce the surface roughness of the cylinder barrel and piston rod.

6) O-rings are made of materials with low friction coefficient.

7) The O-ring can be replaced by a sealing ring that is not prone to distortion.

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